Deputy Food Security & Livelihoods Coordinator

Fecha: 14/11/2021

Lugar: Líbano, Beirut

Puesto: Deputy Food Security & Livelihoods Coordinator

Convoca: Acción contra el Hambre

Método de contacto:

Duration : 12 months
Start date : 01-Nov-2021

  • The Dep FSL Co will be responsible for the operational side of implementation in the FSL Department. The Dep FSL Co will support the PMs with program activities on the ground in project coverage areas, including technical, logistical, financial, and administrative support.
  • The Dep FSL Co will monitor project performance and provide problem-solving support to the projects to run smoothly according to work-plan and logical frameworks. The individual is expected to identify issues and risks related to program implementation in a timely manner and suggest appropriate program adjustments.
  • Support the FSL Co with oversight on technical issues in programming, collecting data using MEAL tools, and drafting quality reports.
Key activities in your role will include

Objective 1: To ensure timely and quality implementation of FSL projects (60 %)

  • To support the FSL Co with technical supports to PMs in design of FSL department and project tools, including beneficiary selection criteria, tracking tools, and so forth for the cash and voucher programmes & in-kind food assistance projects.
  • To support PMs with development of implementation plan per project area and ensure targets are reached in a timely manner.
  • To present food security activity (identifying vulnerable households, delivering cash and voucher support as well as in-kind food assistance) work-plans, designs, and proposals to the PM based on on-going ACF programs and ACF country strategy.
  • To support PMs with food security implementation, such as fresh food voucher programs, school gardens, agricultural livelihoods, and in-kind food parcels.
  • Under FSL Coordinator leadership, work with Health and Nutrition Coordinator on joint-program implementation.
  • Plans, coordinates, monitors and provides technical assistance for the implementation of activities.
  • To dedicate extensive time at the Bases, supporting the PMs and teams in the field with implementation plans and tools. 
  • To provide support on technical needs of procurement and logistics to the PMs, such as oversight on Purchase Requests, quality checks on materials purchases to ensure standards, and 
  • To support bases with information sharing to ensure harmonization of FSL tools and approach. 
  • To provide verbal and written reports to the FSL Co on project implementation on the agreed frequency.
  • Under the guidance of the FSL Co, participate in the development of capitalization reports for each food security activity conducted by ACF
  • To support PMs to facilitate the implementation of pilot food security activities in Bekaa and the South.
  • To provide distribution plans, procurement requests to the PM based on agreed project work-plan
  • To ensure timely procurement of goods and services for the programme and accurate, regularly updated, budget follow-up and forecast, in close coordination with the Logistics and Admin department;
  • Support PMs with specific project (s) budget forecast & follow up 
  • Participate in the design of new budget 
  • Flag any deviation on budgets to the FSL Co and PMs and propose solutions;
  • To support drafting of food security sector analysis sections in conducted assessments and surveys under the guidance of PM and in coordination with MEAL Manager
  • Follow-up the MEAL plan and project indicators, in coordination with MEAL Department;
  • Support the staff under line management in integrating MEAL activities;

Objective 2: To contribute to the comprehension and support to the implementation of food security and Livelihoods strategy (15 %)

  • Collect and evaluate information on the food security level of the targeted populations in project areas;
  • Identify food security support needs of the refugee population and propose intervention opportunities in line with ACF country strategy to the FSL Co.
  • Identify the food support needs of the vulnerable local population and propose how to meet these needs in line with ACF country strategy to the PM
  • Under the guidance of the FSL Co, actively coordinate with other agencies implementing food security interventions (fresh food vouchers, cash for food, in-kind food support such as food parcels) in ACF project areas.
  • Under the guidance of the FSL Co, actively coordinate with other stakeholders in food security sector to support smooth, coordinated project interventions.
  • To support emergency response programming, such as COVID-19 FSL response activities.

Objective 3: Team Management (15%)

  • Support preparation of team workplans with PM in accordance with the project’s overall implementation plan 
  • Participate in staff training, helping to build technical capacity of staff, operators and partners in the area of FSL 
  • Monitor and coach colleagues and team members, building the capacity to obtain high quality results and impacts.
  • Helps to develop and execute context – specific solutions to improve collaboration, coordination and performance.
  • Ensure the good respect of working condition while in office or the field, especially the respect of ACF Code of conduct and standard operation procedures for the area of operation and safety rules on the construction sites.

Objective 5: Reporting (10 %)

  • To be involved in the project reporting, supporting Bases with drafting and compiling.
  • To flag any issues received in reports from Bases to the FSL Co.
  • Ensure monthly program progress reports elaboration and submission to donor agency.

Objective 6:  Security 

  • To respect the security rules specified in the mission and base security plan, see to it that the team under his/her responsibility complies with the security plan and perform the security management tasks that can be assigned in its protocols
  • To communicate to the security managers of the working location any security related information or non-compliance with the security plan

Objective 7: Support humanitarian activities of Action Against Hunger

  • Support the emergency interventions of the organization as per the employee’s abilities.
  • Support any activity that helps reaching our humanitarian goals, as per the employee’s abilities.
  • ACF employees will show commitment to human rights principles, gender equality and non-discrimination approach in all their work