Operations Coordinator/

Fecha: 30/11/2020

Lugar: Líbano, Zahle

Puesto: Operations Coordinator/

Convoca: Acción contra el Hambre

Método de contacto:

Duration : 12 Months
Start date : ASAP

You’ll contribute to ending world hunger by …

The Operation Coordinator is responsible for coordinating, consolidating, and ensuring smooth implementation of and adherence to logistic, human resource, administration and provides operational support to the Nutrition / Food Security / Water and Sanitation programs on an Action Against Hunger Zahle base. The Operation Coordinator oversees security at the base level, leading the context and risk analysis and the adoption of the necessary measures to protect the staff and the Organisation

The Operation Coordinator will represent AAH in the Bekaa and oversee all AAH activities, staff and assets, making sure that all departments follow AAH procedures and have a unified and coherent management. Will update and follow up all AAH procedures with the support of CD and Headquarters. 

Key activities in your role will include

Objective 1 :  Programme Management(30%) 

  • Ensure effective operational management of the programme area through oversight of and adherence to Programme tools, logistics, communications, transport, human resources, and finance policies and procedures.
  • Work closely with the technical coordinators to facilitate the correct implementation and identification of projects
  • Contribute to the development of the area programme through participation in and facilitation of assessments, visits, and evaluations
  • Ensure that a high standard is maintained in all proposals, reports and other material submitted to donors.
  • Ensure that the programme area is managed and programmes implemented in accordance with all relevant ACF-Spain sectoral policies and strategies.
  • Maintain accurate documentation of on-going project implementation, summarised in weekly/monthly minutes and in reports submitted to donors as required.
  • To oversee the implementation and monitoring of programmes to ensure timely and effective implementation and financial management.
  • Agree goals and objectives with key staff and assess monthly progress against outputs.

Objective 2 : Human Resources Management & Capacity Building (20%)

  • Application and respect of AAH procedures, internal regulations, deontology and principles both for the Head of Base and staff. 
  • Update and review base structure/Organizational Chart according to programme needs, with input from the relevant coordinators and Country Director.
  • Directly line-manage project / Programme Managers, Base Admin and Base Log and evaluate them according to ACF standard tools and procedures.
  • To be responsible for the capacity building of office staff.
  • To identify needs and organize appropriate training through the Mission Training Plan tool.
  • To initiate and implement internal trainings where required

Objective 3 : Ensure effective intra-base coordination the Bekaa(10%)

  • To monitor the financial and administrative management of the base including the preparation and monitoring of budgets, financial requests, accountancy, payments, tenders, procedures, movements etc.
  • Coordinate all staff, hold weekly meetings and activity planning sessions.
  • Ensure coordination between the different departments and good understanding and cooperation between technical and support teams.
  • Support the identification and implementation of programme strategy.
  • Ensure programmes are designed and implemented in consultation with local authorities, partners and all other stakeholders. 
  • Follow-up all technical and support departments’ work.
  • Support the CD in the development of strategic partnerships and assessment of existing partner capacity. 
  • Reporting to CD.
  • Drafting proposals in cooperation with relevant technical staff and base administrator and submitting to CD.
  • Assess the relevance and feasibility of other interventions in the area in accordance with mission strategy, and in discussions with other relevant actors.
  • Assist external evaluators assessing the programmes.
  • Ensure that outcomes are shared within ACF-Spain and with other local stakeholders.

Objective 4 : Logistics and Administration(20%)

  • To monitor the financial, administrative and logistical management of the base (including the preparation and monitoring of budgets, accountancy, payments, tenders, fulfilment of procedures, movements etc.).
  • Follow up and support the implementation of logistics procedures, policies and practices as defined in the Logistics Kit.
  • To supervise, support and follow up the compilation and timely submission of the monthly logistics and administrative reports and accountancy to the coordination office
  • To follow up closely the relevance of any expenses and proposed cost reduction measures, together with the relevant coordinators.
  • To be responsible for the financial authorization of expenses in the base in compliance with the monthly treasury forecast.
  • To participate in the financial management of the base in collaboration with the base administrator: budget drafts and updates, budget follow up and projection, financial transparency, follow up co-funding and partner contributions according to mission tools.
  • To ensure that all administrative and financial procedures in the base follow ACF standards and manuals and mission level memoranda.
  • To communicate regularly with the Administration Coordinator on all important issues regarding finance and administrative matters.

Objective 5: Ensure proper management of the AAH security procedures and tools in coordination with CD and Logistics Coordinator (20%)

  • Continuous monitoring of the local situation through the collection and analysis of security information.
  • Identification of security threats and measures to mitigate risk.
  • Follow up the implementation of security measures.
  • Contribute to updating the security plan as required.
  • Comply with ACF-Spain’s security procedures.
  • Follow up and analysis of security incidents.
  • To ensure that all staff are aware of ACF-Spain’s security management system, including ACF-Spain’s Security Guidelines, and ensuring compliance with these.
  • Prepare and submit security reports to Logistics Coordinator as required

Objective 6 : Support humanitarian activities of Action Against Hunger

  • Support the emergency interventions of the organization as per the employee’s abilities.
  • Support any activity that helps reaching our humanitarian goals, as per the employee’s abilities.
  • Promote gender equality within the humanitarian and/or development work
Do you meet the profile required criteria?
Training/ Education:Degree and/or Master Degree in Economics, Sociology, International Development, Political Science or International Relations
Technical specific knowledge:5 years of experience in the Humanitarian/development sector, preferably in accountancy, finance, budget management, donor rules, AAH procedures and Cost Coverage Plan. Experience in logistics and security management, preferably using Kitlog V3.6 Ability to write donor reports and proposals in English. Training and capacity building experience.
Previous experience:At least 5 years previous field experience in a relief NGO, ideally in a similar role. Minimum of one year of previous experience in an NGO in managerial position.Previous experience in security management.
Humanitarian sector knowledge: Previous experience in the humanitarian field (at least 5 years)
Action Against the Hunger knowledge:At least 2 years with AAH
Languages:English (compulsory working language, spoken, read and written); Spanish (desirable); Arabic (useful)
IT and specific systems: Windows Domain, Compulsory expertise in Excel, accounting program
Mobility (national/ international)yes
Our remuneration package:

As per Action Against Hunger’s salary scale.